by Charlie Lagoa

These 10 simple tips can help keep your hormones happy and balanced, just keep the list handy!

1. Eat every 2-3 hours to keep your blood-sugar levels constant

2. Eat a balance of good carbs, proteins and fats at every meal:

  • Good carbs include vegetables, fruits, whole-grains and legumes
  • Great proteins include shelled hemp seeds and brown rice protein
  • Fabulous fats include avocados, cold-pressed oils and coconut butter

3. Include happy hormone superfoods at every meal such as bee pollen and maca

4. Drink lots of spring water and coconut water to stay hydrated

5. Create a “PMS Survival kit” which includes yummy, healthy treats that you carry around with you

6. Use natural progesterone cream to ease your PMS

7. Take time out to relax and enjoy lots of "me time"

8. Write down what you eat every day in a beautiful journal

9. Eat raw chocolate instead of unhealthy processed chocolate when you have PMS cravings

10. Track your monthly cycle so that you can start to see patterns in your symptoms *
* This information is for general interest only. Every woman is unique. Your results may vary.