by Charlie Lagoa

Bioidentical Natural progesterone cream is my Number 1 secret to easing PMS and I could not live without it. For me, it really is the missing link and I do not say that lightly.

PMS Symptoms such as tiredness, grumpiness and moodiness are caused by too much oestrogen in the body and not enough progesterone to balance it.

“Though not completely understood, PMS (PMT) most commonly represents an individual reaction to oestrogen dominance, secondary to relative progesterone deficiency. Appropriate treatment requires correction of this hormone imbalance and the most effective technique, at present, for achieving this is supplemental Transdermal Natural Progesterone Cream” - Dr. John Lee - pioneer of Natural Progresterone Therapy

If you go to your GP or physician for treatment for your PMS, they will often prescribe synthetic progesterone. The problem with man-made chemicals in the body is that there are often side-effects that cause more harm than good. If men had periods, then we would not be using synthetic hormones!

Natural Progesterone Cream is a great alternative to synthetic progesterone as it is bio-identical. It’s recognised by the body as being identical to our body’s own hormones. It works to balance the excess oestrogen which causes PMS.

To ease your PMS, all you need to do is apply the progesterone cream on Days 14-28 of your cycle, and that’s it. There is no pill popping or vile tasting remedies involved.

Here are the top 5 benefits which I experienced:

1. Increase in length of my menstrual cycle

Before I started using natural progesterone cream, my menstrual cycle was a pitiful 21 days in length and sometimes only 19 or 20 days! This meant that by the time I finished my period, I barely had time to get over it before the next one was due. So I was either bleeding or feeling really awful.

Thankfully, my cycle has now extended to a lovely 24 or 25 days. Trust me, the extra 4 days have made a really big difference to my life, because in these extra 4 days I feel like normal “happy me.” So, for that, I am eternally grateful.

2. Better and happier moods

Before I started using the cream, I would feel weepy for no good reason, and I would feel blue in the run up to that ‘time of the month.’ When I use the cream, I feel like my usual bubbly self every day of the month.

3. More energy

The biggest struggle I faced when I suffered from PMS was feeling exhausted. I would get out of bed in the morning wondering how I was going to get through the day. I felt like I hadn’t even been to bed in the first place.

Since using the cream, my energy has definitely increased and I do not feel so tired.

4. Less headaches

After my period had finished, it would always be followed by a few days of non-stop headaches. So just when I thought that my time of the month misery was over, I would be cursed with these migraine-like headaches.

Since using the cream, I no longer experience these headaches.

5. I feel like me every day of the month!

I have been using the progesterone cream for many years now, so much so that I had forgotten what life was like before I used to use it. I ran out of progesterone a few months ago, and lo and behold, symptoms which I had not felt in such a long time started to rear their ugly head once again.

Needless to say I put in an order very quickly...

Based in Sydney, Australia, Charlie Lagoa is a Wellness Coach and Speaker and is passionate about helping women who suffer needlessly from PMS.

More Helpful information:

Younger women often suffer greatly with PMS and it is hormone imbalance, most frequently related to progesterone deficiency, that is the major factor in most PMS cases.

Symptoms are related to oestrogen dominance and can vary from pain to mood swings, bloating and food cravings and like many hormonal conditions it is made worse by stress, which tends to reduce progesterone levels.

Diet is important, particularly having enough fibre, as when your body has finished using oestrogen it is dumped, via the liver, into the intestines to be excreted.

Fibre plays an important role in binding the oestrogen and holding it for elimination. A lack of fibre therefore can cause oestrogen to be reabsorbed and recycled backing the body.

It can also be associated with adrenal fatigue and low thyroid levels so these need to be checked so they can be eliminated as a cause.

PMS is certainly helped by supplemental bioidentical progesterone as it restores hormones to normal balance.

There is a UK PMS support group here: *
* This information is for general interest only. Every woman is unique. Your results may vary.