"I suffered from very severe PMS for 27 years. Panic attacks, irritability, depression, low self-esteem, bloating, weight gain, fluid retention and tender breasts. But worst of all was the paralytic migraines when I was unable to speak properly, flashing lights, nausea, sometimes vomiting, hearing disturbances, giddiness, pins and needles up my arm, over my face, in my mouth and nose.

I was referred by my doctor to a neurologist because of the paralytic migraine as they suspected MS and a host of other neurological problems. I also saw a psychiatrist at my GP's suggestion who said there was no major problem. I have been put on beta blockers, tranquillisers etc, which did not help.

I tried acupuncture and homeopathy which did not help either. Reflexology helped but did not solve the problem. Enter Serenity Natural Progesterone Cream. Over the months I have improved greatly: Breathing difficulties by 90%, Migraines eased 90%, Bloating improved 80%, Weeping gone, Hot Flushes 99%, Bowel problems 95%, Depression 99%, Spots 95%, Anxiety 80%, Memory Blackouts and Forgetfulness 80%. Generally I am much improved.

It did take a while for Natural Progesterone to 'kick in' as my periods are so irregular. I would commence using the cream on day 14 but within a week the period would start so I was not able to use it for long enough. However, I upped the amount used after reading Lesley Kenton's book 'Passage to Power' and things have slowly but surely picked up. I am impressed with the cream and am hoping to soon be free of the remaining symptoms before long, after my years of suffering." *
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