"At the age of 36 and having tried practically everything, I did not believe for one minute that a tiny dab of cream could possibly affect any of the PMS symptoms from which I have suffered since I was fourteen.

Two friends kept telling me to try Serenity but having been disappointed so many times with so called 'cures' I did not bother until I ran out of excuses not to try it when they gave me a jar of the cream.

I have heard the words miraculous and incredible about lots of things over the years and never imagined I would be saying them myself about anything, but I am. After just two days I felt as though a great weight was lifted from me. My mood lightened and I began to feel peaceful.

Since then the cramps, headaches, tender breasts, painful joints and bloating have gone but the most important change was my clarity of thought. No longer angry, dithering or forgetting things I am clear, positive, writing fit to burst and very happy. Everything has completely changed for me.

I now have something - life - to look forward to instead of unremitting health problems and am so very grateful to you. My sincere thanks to you all." *
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